“Bryan Katzel is without a doubt the best Creative Director I have worked under. His creativity and drive knows no bounds, and I was constantly amazed by the limitless ideas that came from him."
- Jason Muhr / Graphic Designer & Illustrator
" Bryan is extremely creative and applies his creativity well to answer specific business needs. He presents his work in a very compelling way to clients and is highly responsive to feedback."
- Janet T. Planet / Wonka Innovation Manager, Nestle USA
" I have always been impressed with Bryan's level of creativity. He adds the extra fun in the details that are often missed by others."
- Jim Mc Cafferty / CEO, JMP Creative
"Bryan is one of the most creative people I have ever met. His ability to turn nothing into something amazing always astounded me. He is 100% committed to anything he does, and works hard to achieve his goals."
- Melissa Schlamp / Business Development Manager, Natural Choice Corp.

Philosophy materialized

By leaving my fears behind and trusting in my sense for adventure, I have been able to blur the lines between my creative career and lifestyle.
Counting the pixels, correcting the colors and toiling over the grammar is where the true magic of design lives & breathes.
It is not by chance that the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of before I sleep are the designs I'm working on.

Bem Wireless

I have poured every ounce of my creativity into the bem wireless

Range Audio

Through market analysis and research I found the right visual identity for

Zibits Collectible R/C Robots

Zibits was a concept that turned into a crucial part of Senario's

Warpo – Branding Portfolio

At the end of 2013 I started Warpo, a toy company with

Mr Bubble – Product Development and Design Portfolio

I was the creative director responsible for developing a children's bath toy

Bryan’s Other Projects